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Phifer Quik Shade - Instant Solar Screen

Phifer Super Solar Quik Shade - Instant Solar Screen


Phifer Quik Shade Screen - Made with Super Solar Screen Plus 40x40


Phifer Quik Shade  - Instant Solar Shade - Made with Phifer Super Solar Screen

Phifer Super Solar ScreenThe Ultimate in Shading Protection. Phifer Super Solar Screening offers the ultimate in shading protection by blocking up to 90% of the sun's heat. This fabric also improves daytime privacy while offering outward visibility. Phifer Super Solar Screening works whether windows are open or closed. It keeps carpets and draperies from fading, as well as helps save energy. Openness factor approximately 10% and UV blockage is approximately 90%.


  • Portable fiberglass solar screen for porches, patios and windows, contains roll of screen fabric with pockets, 2 adjustable spring rods and 4 end caps
  • Blocks 90% of the sun’s heat and glare, provides daytime privacy and excellent outward visibility
  • Helps deter birds from balconies and porches, excellent for RV/camping, tailgating and marine applications
  • Easy installation (instructions included), no drilling or screws required
  • 3 Width Options to Choose from all with uo to 78" Drop
Phifer Quik Shade Solar Screen - Made with Super Solar Screen - 90% Solar Protection

Enjoy the benifits of a Quik Shade by ordering yours today!

Phifer Quik Shade Screen is a 90% closed solar/daytime privacy shade fabric ideal for windows, porches and balconies. Screen is easy to fabricate - no drilling or screws required - and installs similar to a shower curtain rod in any framed opening. Install solar screening yourself and save! Simply cut the screen to the desired width, insert the adjustable rods into the screen fabric pockets, adjust rods to the screen and opening width and fit into opening. Phifer Quik Shade Screen can also be hung from RV awnings, on playground equipment or fencing with plastic ties or used for decorative purposes. Easy to remove, roll up and store. See photos for suggested applications.

Quik Shade  Solar Screen Inside View
Quik Shade  Solar Screen Outside View


Tools Required: Tape Measure, tape, scissors and serrared knife or hacksaw

Phifer Quik Shade Contents

Tube Contents:

(1) roll of charcoal super solar with pockets

(2) adjustable spring rods

(4) end caps


Results are typical for the product and are for reference purposes only. This data cannot be used as a certification or specification.

Instant Solar Screen 23"-42" x 78"
Phifer Part# 3031920

Phifer Instant Solar Screen
Instant Solar Screen Sales Are Final


Instant Solar Screen 40"-72" x 78"
Phifer Part# 3031922

Phifer Instant Solar Screen
Instant Solar Screen Sales Are Final


Instant Solar Screen 66"-96" x 78"
Phifer Part# 3031924

Phifer Instant Solar Screen
Instant Solar Screen Sales Are Final



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