Sun Control
SunTex exterior shading fabric is made of strong vinyl-coated polyester and is pet resistant. SunTex is mildew and fade resistant and needs only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. What you may not know about SunTex 80/90 is that it can help with energy savings by reducing the heating effect of the sun’s glare.
Phifer Suntex 90 - SunTex is a unique woven mesh that can block 80-90% of the sun’s hot rays before they enter your window.  SunTex exterior shading fabric is made of strong vinyl-coated polyester and is pet resistant.  SunTex is mildew and fade resistant and needs only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water.
SunTex 90 Design combines a rich, design-oriented look with the same weave and performance characteristics of traditional SunTex 90 fabric. Providing both sun protection and daytime privacy, SunTex 90 Design offers stylish options to meet exterior sun control needs at a practical price point. This makes the SunTex 90 Design fabric perfect for any DIY project. Whether it’s for your porch, privacy screen, or any other sun shading application, SunTex 90 Design can provide you with the style and durability needed for any project.
Instant Relief From the Sun’s Heat - SunTex 95, engineered for exterior roller shade applications, with funtional use as a solar screen is a full basketweave vinyl-coated polyester fabric that is thinner and lighter weight than traditional SunTex. With a 5% openness factor, SunTex 95 offers increased heat and glare control as well as daytime privacy.
Phifer Inc. - Super Solar & Super Solar Plus+ - Solar Screen - The Ultimate in Shading Protection. Phifer Super Solar Screening offers the ultimate in shading protection by blocking up to 90% of the sun's heat. This fabric also improves daytime privacy while offering outward visibility. Phifer Super Solar Screening works whether windows are open or closed. It keeps carpets and draperies from fading, as well as helps save energy. Openness factor approximately 10% and UV blockage is approximately 90%.
Phifer SunScreen is a woven vinyl-Coated fiberglass screening manufactured for the primary use of reducing solar heat gain in the summer and reducing heat loss in the winter. SunScreen absorbs and dissipates up to 70% of the sun's heat and glare before it reaches the window. SunScreen is easily installed on any type and size of window and also performes as an insect screening.
Phifer Solar Insect Screening offers the ultimate in insect protection while at the same time stopping up to 65% of the sun's heat and glare. This fabric also improves daytime privacy while offering excellent outward visibility. Phifer Solar Insect Screen works whether windows are open or closed.
Pet Screening
Phifer “Pet Screen” meets the needs of pet owners by resisting tears and punctures caused by dogs and cats. Made of strong vinyl-coated polyester, “Pet Screen” is seven times stronger than traditional insect screening and offers excellent outward visibility. Ideal for those areas prime for potential damage and heavy wear in high traffic areas, this screen can be used on screened window screens, screen doors and screened porches.
Tuff Screen is Pet-Resistant Insect Screening. Phifer “Tuff Screen ” . Ideal for those areas prime for potential damage and heavy wear in high traffic areas, this screen can be used on screened window screens, screen doors and screened porches.
Phifer - Tuff Screen No-See-Um Mesh - Tight Durable Mesh to Stop Tiny Insects
High Visibility
Phifer UltraVue: An Innovative Insect Screen with A great View. For Windows and Doors. the mesh is woven from, refined yarns that improve the screens openness, making visibility sharper and more brilliant. Better InsectProtection, Better Air Flow and Clearer View compared to standard fiberglass insect screen.
BetterVue is Phifers first improved visibility insect screen for windows, doors, patios and porches. This screening product does for windows, doors and patios what high-definition technology has done for television viewing: it maximizes the view by making it sharper and more brilliant.
SeeVue™ - Phifer’s new SeeVue Stainless Steel Porch Screen offers improved outward visibility over other retail screening products on the market today. While this product keeps harmful insects out, it allow superior air flow. With incredible durability and strenght, stainless steel screen is excellent for porch, window and door applications and is safe to use with pressure treated lumber. This screen is hardly noticeable on home and building exteriors, providing great curb appeal, and is easy to clean.
Aluminum Screen
The only aluminum screen developed specifically to protect against tiny insects, this tightly -woven metal wire mesh also provides excellent visibility and air flow. Perfect for windows, doors or screened porch areas where gnats, black flies or no-see-ums are a problem. This product offers better tensile strength over traditional no-see-um fiberglass screen, while maintaining outstanding visibility and curb appeal.
Black Aluminum Screen offers the best outward visibility available in a standard aluminum insect screening product. Produced with Phifer Wire's Electrodepostion paint system, Black Aluminum screen has a premium coating that is durable and has excellent weathering characterisctics. This is the consumer's first choice for the best exterior view.
Brite Aluminum Screen is the traditional screening product for the fenestration markets. The finish is uniform and makes for easy fabrication into window screens, door screens and porch screen applications.
Charcoal Aluminum Screen is coated with rich charcoal finish in Phifer's electrdepostion paint system. The glare is reduced by the dark color, which improves the outward visibility. The consistent finish of the screen gives it an architech pleasing appearance.
Screen Materials
Screen Frame Bender - Perfect For Making Arched Window and Solar Screens!
Window Screen and Solar Screen Frame - Ideal for Window Screens, Patio Screens and Solar Screens
Often when you repair a screen you can reuse the old screen spline. Sometimes you cant because the old screen spline is in poor condition. Screen spline is a available in quite a variety of sizes. The sizes used depend on who the predominant supplier of windows was when most of the houses were built in your area and or who made the frame your using if making a new window screen. The .250 size replaces the 1/4" aluminum spline that was used in houses built in th e fifties and sixties. This size is particularily easy for the do it yourselfer to roll in. Other factors that determine size is the material you are replacing. If for example you are replacing a thin fiberglass insect screen with a thicker material like "pet scree" than you would use at least on size smaller than the current spline. So if your current screen spline measures to a .165 than with pet screen you would use a .150. Just remember that the screen material alone doent determine the proper size spline to use but the channel size and screen material selection do.
Window Screen Supplies and Accessories
Screen Tight
You and your family can now enjoy all of the lifestyle advantages of an attractive, open-air screen porch with a perfect, no-sag fit that can be easily installed in hours. Developed and patented by a remodeling contractor who was convinced there had to be "a better way" to design, install and maintain screen porches, the revolutionary Screen Tight™ system has proven itself second-to-none among do-it-yourself homeowners, handymen and professional builders alike.
100% Hidden Fasteners for a clean & professional look, Fast Track is Screen Tights' innovative 2 piece screening system. With unlimited screening configurations possible Fast Track's 1" x 2" self-mating channels available in 8' length, create porch structure elements for easy installation and limitless project creativity. This unique aluminum system allows you to screen from the interior or exterior of your porch using flat spline, in less time.
This ULTRA low profile screening system with completely hidden fasteners is perfect for higher elevations and various second story applications. MINI Track 3/4" x 3/4" channels and clips work well with any housing style and trend, blending in without obstructions to create a clean, seamless look. MINI Track channels come in 8' length.
The Screen Tight patented MeshGuard porch screening system provides design flexibility and an open view to the outdoors by eliminating the need for pickets or other visual obstructions in the infill region below porch handrails.
Modular screen porch framing system made of rigid PVC vinyl and composite fiber additives to withstand extreme wind and weather.
Two systems in one. The easiest way to convert your screen porch into an enclosed living space for use during 3+ seasons.
Pool & Patio
Pool, Patio and Porch Screen is stronger than standard window and door screen, making it the ideal screen for large openings such as screen porches, and patio and pool enclosures. Designed for applicataions where extra strength is desirable
This vinyl coated fiberglass insect screen is a tightly woven mesh designed to control tiny insects. No-See-Um screen provides air ventilation and some daytime privacy while maintaining visibility.
Standard Fiberglass
This standard fiberglass screen is the mesh applied in most window and doors. Easily fabricated, this high-quality standard mesh is the prefered insect screening in the fenestration industry.
Phifer Bronze Screen is made of 90% copper and 10% zinc to provide strength and durability. This screen weathers to a beautiful dark bronze finish. A metal screen that resists corrosion, Bronze Screen is ideal for unique architectural accents. Excellent choice for inland and coastal regions
Use when you require an extra strength material with good durability. This is a tough, .009 gauge, 18 x 14 mesh electro-galvanized material that is stronger than aluminum or fiberglass screen wire.
Phifer Fiberglass and Aluminum Vent Mesh
Functions as a privacy screen. -  Vinyl-Laminated 18x14 Insect Screen
Phifer Sheerweave Catalog
Retractable Screens
Roll-Away Retractable Screen Doors are the ideal solution for French Doors. The screens retract discreetly away when not in use giving you a clean unobstructed view. Now you can open up your home allowing cool air in while keeping insects out.
Roll-Away Retractable Window Screens. The screens retract discreetly away when not in use giving you a clean unobstructed view. Now you can open up your home allowing cool air in while keeping insects out.
Screen Door Kits
Bulk 600' Rolls
This standard fiberglass screen is the mesh applied in most window and doors. Easily fabricated, this high-quality standard mesh is the prefered insect screening in the fenestration industry.

Retractable Window Screen Install Information

RollAway Retractable Window Screen Measuring Information


Roll-Away Retractable Window Screens Measure and Install

Roll-Away Retractable Window Screens. The screens retract discreetly away when not in use giving you a clean unobstructed view. Now you can open up your home allowing cool air in while keeping insects out..

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Window frames will sometimes vary from side to side (width) and from top to bottom (height).  When measuring the inside dimensions of the frame in which the Roll-Away® screen will fit, be sure to measure the width of each frame at the top, middle and bottom.  For each height measurement measure at the left and right side of each frame opening - see diagram A to the right   Measure to the nearest 1/16".  When ordering always use the smallest of each dimension. 
Roll-Away Retractable Screen Door Measure Diagram
In diagram A the measurements you should record would be 21" x 48", as 21" is the smallest width and 48" is the smallest height.  A 1/16" deduction in width and height demensions are necessary for a proper fit.  Therefore, Retractable Window Screen would be manufactured to measure 20 15/16" x 47 15/16"


RollAway Retractable Window Screen Standard Installation

Roll-Away™Standard Drawbar Installation

Two different installation styles are available for Roll-Away™ screens.  The way to distinguish the two is as follows: 

If the canopy or housing containing the screen projects out in front of the guides (or towards the inside of the window) it is a standard style - see diagram to the left





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Special Order Item: Call to Place: 714 321 8109

Roll-Away™ Reverse Drawbar Installation

If the canopy or housing containing the screen projects behind the guides (or towards the outside of the window) it is a reverse style - see diagram to the right




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RollAway Retractable Winodw Screens Reverse Drawbar Installation


Installation Instructions for Series 2000

Materials List:

1) Roll-Away™ screen 
2) Two #6 flat head screws 
3) Two Roll-Away™ guides 
4) Four #4 flat head screws

1) Assemble guides to roller housing

Insert top of guides into the roller housing end-cap stems with the openings facing each other. (NOTE: the TOP of the guide is the end which is at least 5" from the nearest pre-punched latch stop. The BOTTOM end of the guide os 3/4" from the pre-punched latch stop.) Use the screw hole inside the end-cap stems to mark each guide for location of the installation screw.  Drill a 5/32" hole in each guide at the marked location.  If the guides need to be shortened trim from the TOP only!

2) Place assembled unit into window opening

Lift assembled unit by the guides and place into the window frame.  To allow proper operation of the window, the outside edge (window side) of the guides should be set back 1/8" from the window( standard draw bar R20 units only).  Make sure the Roll-Away™ is properly aligned and square inside the window frame.  With the unit in place, prior to fastening, test the operation by drawing the screen down to the sill.  Slowly retract the screen back into the housing and proceed with the installation.

3) Fasten guides at bottom

During step 2 the draw bar of your unit should have latched securely into the pre-punched stops at the bottom guides.  If it did not, you may need to slip a putty knife under each guide to insure proper clearence and fit into your window opening.  Once proper clearance has been established, fasten both guides to the window jamb at the bottom using #4 flat head screws provided.

4) Fasten housing to window frame

After checking for proper alignment, fasten the end-cap stem and the top of each guide to the window frame using the #6 flat head screws provided.  Check the proper operation of the unit to be sure it latches at the bottom.  Use additional #4 flat head screws provided to fasten the guides at the mid-point of height if needed.

Installation Instructions for Series 4000



Series 4000 Install Directions .pdf

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Roll-Away Retractable Window Screens are now Appearing and Disappearing Everywhere

High Quality Aluminum Components:

All frame components are top of the line extrusions with baked on thermal setting polyester enamel finish.

Easy to Operate:

Screen and Draw Bar move freely in aluminum extruded guides on each side of the window, allowing for smooth operation while keeping the screen in place.

Maintenance Free:

Well designed spring construction coupled with the Roll-Away impact bumper keep the drawbar from damaging the housing and working smoothly for years.

Custom Made to Fit:
Roll-Away® screens are custom made and are available to fit practically every type and size window. When not in use they are rolled up like a window shade, giving an unobstructed view.

Easy to Install:

You need only a measuring tape, drill, hack-saw, file and a screw driver. You can install-it-yourself in less than an hour. Its easy! all hardware included.

Rolls Away When Not Needed:

Roll it out of the housing when your door is open. Roll it back into the housing, away from dirt, damage and view when your door is closed.

Modern Design:

Low Profile architecturally designed housing and frame blends with existing doors.

Retractable Screen:

When not in use the screen is concealed in an overhead housing which contains a spring, roller and bearing assembly for smooth operation.

Keeps Insects Out:

Constructed with Genuine Phifer Wire Insect Screen. Insuring insects stay out while fresh air comes in.


Results are typical for the product and are for reference purposes only. This data cannot be used as a certification or specification.

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