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Phifer Brite Bronze

A Unique alternative to screening


Phifer Brite Bronze Copper/Zinc Insect Screen

Phifer Bronze Screen is made of 90% copper and 10% zinc to provide strength and durability. This screen weathers to a beautiful dark bronze finish. A metal screen that resists corrosion, Bronze Insect Screen is ideal for unique architectural accents. Excellent choice for inland and coastal regions.

Every home has a history, but some homes have historical significance. Bronze window and door screening is ideal for homes in areas that require homeowners to maintain an authentic look and feel to the time they were originally built. Classic bronze screening is a great way to reap the benefits of protection from insects while adhering to any specific regulations to use only materials available from a given period of time. Bronze screening works well for a number of door and window applications, and stands up to cold weather and salty air -- such as homes in historic New England. Over time, bronze insect screen weathers to a rich, dark finish.

We carry only Phifer Incorporated Brite Bronze ®. Ask for it by name.

Brite Bronze ® Swatch Card


Brite Bronze ® is excellent to use in porch, patio, window screen and door applications. Brite Bronze ® is also ideal for coastal environments

Sizes & Colors:

Brite Bronze ® comes in 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 60" and 72 " widths. Rolls come standard in 50', and 100' lengths. Many sizes are available in 25'. 42" 50' and 100' rolls are special order but all others are standard itmes.


Phifer Brite Bronze Insect Screen

Phifer Insect Screen and Solar Screen Materials are Made in the USA

Technical Information:

Phifer Bronze Insect Screen
Openness Factor: Approximately 70%
Wire Width: .010-.012
Wire Mesh (sq/in.): 18x14


Phifer will warranty product that does not meet their respective production tolerances and loss of dimentional stability including mildew and rot from exposure conditions outside normal atmospheric pollution or other debris. Warranty Disclaimer: We sell only 1st quality Phifer material. However, Phifers grading criteria allows for various defects within a roll. Roll lengths are not always continuous. Rolls may be up to two pieces per roll to account for specified footage. Warranty does NOT cover use and abuse of materials. Extended Limited Warranty varies by item so call for specific warranty concerns by product.



• Brite Bronze ® is a 90% copper - 10% Zinc insect screen that offers excellent visibility.

• Brite Bronze ® protects against harmful insects while allowing exceptional airflow.

• Brite Bronze ® offers outstanding durability.

• Brite Bronze ® is excellent for porch applications.

• Brite Bronze ® is a typical historic home restoration screen

• Brite Bronze ® is ideal for coastal applications.

• Brite Bronze ® is made in the USA


Phifer Bronze Insect Screen